Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to School Activity

Subtraction and Loose Teeth! :)

Loose Tooth Subtractioncropped
You'll need:
  1. 2 pieces of white paper
  2. 2 sheets of clear protective covers
  3. dry-erase marker
  4. sponge or wipe
Just follow these steps below:
  1. Draw 2 faces with BIG SMILES -  10 teeth on top and 10 teeth on the bottom!
  2. Insert the drawn boy/girl into the clear protective sheet
Did you know that most children have 10 primary (baby) teeth on their top arch?  And 10 more primary (baby) teeth on their bottom arch?

Most children lose their bottom front 2 teeth first, followed by the upper 2 front teeth.
Lets get our children excited! Learning about our mouths and subtraction can be fun!

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