Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't Forget to Floss


A simple way to show children how to floss is to demonstrate the proper technique using an upside-down egg carton and piece of yarn.
egg carton = teeth
yarn = floss

Once your child knows how to floss, you can show him/her why it's important to floss using:
  • rubber glove
  • paint
  • more yarn!
  1. Put the glove on your hand and coat it in your child's favorite color paint.
  2. Wipe the paint off your hand with your fingers held tightly together-  this represents brushing your teeth!
  3. Show your child ALL the paint left in between your fingers that brushing alone doesn't reach.
  4. Then have your child practice flossing between your fingers with yarn.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Smiley Snacks


Healthy eating is just as important as brushing and flossing when it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth.  We love to encourage children to eat mouth-friendly foods by creating smiley faces out of healthy snacks.

Snack suggestions include:
  • carrot slices
  • nuts
  • orange & apple slices
  • celery sticks
  • broccoli & cauliflower florets
  • and much more!
Take photos of your children's creations and then let them enjoy their healthy snacks! :) We would love to see your creations!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Fun Snack


You’ll need:
  1. 1 apple
  2. mini marshmallows
  3. almond or peanut butter
Just follow these steps below:
  1. cut the apple into slices (for the lips)
  2. spread almond or peanut butter on to one side of the apple slices
  3. line the marshmallows up along the apple slice on the butter (teeth)
  4. make a sandwich!
Be sure to brush your teeth for 2 min after you eat this snack!  Hope everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of school!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to School Activity

Subtraction and Loose Teeth! :)

Loose Tooth Subtractioncropped
You'll need:
  1. 2 pieces of white paper
  2. 2 sheets of clear protective covers
  3. dry-erase marker
  4. sponge or wipe
Just follow these steps below:
  1. Draw 2 faces with BIG SMILES -  10 teeth on top and 10 teeth on the bottom!
  2. Insert the drawn boy/girl into the clear protective sheet
Did you know that most children have 10 primary (baby) teeth on their top arch?  And 10 more primary (baby) teeth on their bottom arch?

Most children lose their bottom front 2 teeth first, followed by the upper 2 front teeth.
Lets get our children excited! Learning about our mouths and subtraction can be fun!